Surron Modified Footrest


FITMENT – Dirt Bike Pegs Fit for Sur Ron Strom Bee / Surron Strom Bee.

High quality material: Sur Ron Strom Bee foot peg is made of high-quality aluminum alloy through numerical control processing. It is one of the alloys with the highest strength, which will not rust and corrode, and is not easy to break and wear. The unique “Y” shaped bridge structure increases the strength and stability of the pedal, making it the strongest motorcycle foot nail on the market.

Powerful traction: The Strom Bee foot pegsl is made of stainless steel threaded teeth. There are 17 teeth on the pedal, which can greatly increase the friction force. In this way, you won’t slip on rainy days and muddy roads, and it also provides the rider with the ultimate grip and anti-skid control under any competition conditions.

Wider and larger: Motorcycle Foot Pedals Rests is wider and larger than the original earth made bicycle foot nails to provide better friction and control, so that your feet stay in place without sliding; The wider platform disperses the impact and reduces the pressure on the feet

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