Heavy Duty Aluminum Suspension Linkage Sur-Ron Segway


Compatible for Sur-Ron Light Bee / Light Bee X / Light Bee XX and Segway X160 / X260. Great gift for Sur Ron and Segway electric dirtbike owner.

 Sur-Ron progression triangle (and linkage) is an element that holds big pressure during jumps and other offroad performance. Factory part is made from relatively cheap aluminum material that may break into 2 different peaces after excessive load on landing. URLWALL offers a reinforced steel triangular part.

Made of reinforced 7075 billet aluminum, anodize, this reinforced rear triangle Replaces the weak cast aluminum stock linkage that is prone to failure under heavy stress. It’s durable and wear resistant.

Very easy to install. Just tighten the screws, it can be completed in a few minutes.

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